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Free Shipping to anywhere in Europe.

For international shipping price varies by location.

I generally paint portraits from photos as this is easiest and most efficient.

Head and Shoulders Portrait from Photos

25cm x 35cm Watercolour on paper from €380

Three Quarter Length Portrait from Photos

38cm x 56cm Watercolour on paper from €590

Commission Me For A Painting

If you would like to commission a watercolour portrait: 

Option 1:  Submit a photo and your contact info in the form HERE.


Option 2:  Send me a message on Instagram @jackhoar_art and we’ll talk about what you want.

No obligations!

I will communicate with you more, and when you’re ready to be placed on the waiting list, just send in your payment. Once I begin painting, it takes me 7 days to complete depending on size.

It’s as easy as that! So go ahead and get started and in no time you’ll be hanging your watercolor painting in your favorite place.

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